Friday, November 13, 2009

Waiting out the COLD front

We are sitting at Ft Huachuca in AZ waiting on the current cold front to pass through. We arrived here Tuesday planning on spending a day or two, but things changed really quickly. Jon was going to be in the field for several days and Tuesday was going to be the time we could see him, and there was a cold front moving in.

The cold front was going to be a lot worse in Deming NM where we plan on going once we leave here, temperatures in the 30's isn't for me, and I will avoid being in temps that low if at all possible, so we decided to hang out here until next week.

Marcia will be able to see all the balloons at the Sierra Vista Annual Balloon Festival this weekend, and we will be able to see Jon some next week too, so it was a no brainer to stick around and let the cold front pass right on through. Besides we have full hookups for $14 a night and we are NOT on a metered electric so I can keep the rig real toasty using the new heat pump we installed back in the summer.

Yesterday we did manage to take a trip to Tombstone, the town too tough to die. We walked the streets, and declined to watch the comedy shoot out that they charge to watch. We did sit down at the bar in the Crystal Palace and have a beer where the legendary out laws and law men sat years ago drinking.

Tomorrow Marcia will go into Sierra Vista to watch the balloons and I will watch the ball game on TV. Tomorrow night we will both go to see the "lighting of the balloons".......

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  1. Hey guys
    Hope you are doing ok. I love your cousin's dog Ginger she is just to cute.
    talk soon
    love you


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