Thursday, November 26, 2009


In just 60 minuets it will be Thanksgiving 2009. Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays that we celebrate. After all there is no lies connected to it, it is just being THANKFUL for anything and everything.

Marcia and I have many things to be very thankful for, we have great family and friends. We are able to follow a dream by having a home on wheels, and we can celebrate anywhere we want to.

This Thanksgiving we have chosen to celebrate in Donna Texas with some special friends we had the privilege of meeting two years ago in the middle of the desert at a place called Laposa South, just south of Quartzsite AZ. We were part of the graduating class of 2007. Escapee RV Club members that gave up living in a traditional house and moved to a motorhome, or fifthwheel travel trailer. About 32 rigs gathered there and spent a couple weeks telling tells and getting to know each other, we all had a terrific time.

I don't care how down and out you might be, or how fortunate you may be, everyone has something to be thankful for, so take a few moments today to thank someone. You may thank your GOD, your neighbor, your spouse, your family, the soldiers, or even the stranger walking down the road, but thank someone for the blessing that you have. Who knows, by thanking someone you may be making their day and cheering them up which may cause them to thank someone. You get the point, the happiness may just spread like the wild fires in CA..............


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