Sunday, April 25, 2010


When we left Key West we didn't go through our normal hitch up, the remote indicator for the Apollo braking system that shows us when the brakes are engaged was missed. We noticed the brake lights on the tracker when we stopped in Key Largo. The end result was fried front brakes on the tracker.
The Apollo brake system is really a piece of crap in my opinion! It only works if you are going above 35 MPH, if it works at all, unless you don't need or want it to work. It is a pain to hook onto the brake peddle, and moving the seat to hold it is trick to do.
I will be getting the SMI Air force one soon, but since we are getting Marcia another jeep to replace the tracker as soon as we get back to KY I don't want to install it on the tracker.
Friday I had to have new brakes put on the tracker, the front brakes were fried! We were lucky the rotors were not totally shot, and the rear brakes only needed adjusting. I guess the "self adjusters wasn't adjusting, but the mechanic got the new pads on the front and the rear brakes working so we are good to go.
Saturday we spent a few hours enjoying the FL Sunshine on the beach. I was amazed at how many people enjoy laying around on the beach. The Atlantic Ocean was still a little cool for most of the beach goers, and it was fun just watching the people easing into the water, or the ones that eased in until a wave came crashing in and then they would dive into the wave. The waves today were good ones, I guess the wind had something to do with that, and the breeze did feel so good!
Our friends called and informed us their flight from Knoxville TN was delayed because of the storms and they would call us when they got to Ft Lauderdale. I gave up at 10PM on us going to their motel to greet them. Marcia got a call from them around midnight telling us they had made it. So we will see them Sunday....

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