Friday, April 23, 2010

Ft Lauderdale FL

Yesterday we arrived in Ft Lauderdale, a few days before our friends arrive from KY. We are parked at a Passport America CG called Paradise Island RV Resort. The CG is nice, it is an older park and most of the sites are a little tight, but the price is OK and none of the parks around here had very good reviews.

Today (Thursday) we started off with a trip to the beach. We didn't see any sea shells but we did see a lot of people enjoying the nice WARM FL sunshine. It was a great day on the beach.

We were entertained by these two little ones, the smaller one is sporting a Mohawk just like my nieces boyfriend had when I first met him. ( he will always be know as Mohawk by me)

After we got back to the rig and washed off all the sea salt and sand we decided on the Jungle Queen for a dinner cruise. It also has two sightseeing tours daily. Our trip started out with the normal safety spill, before taking us through the Ft Lauderdale downtown by way of the river.

We saw some VERY EXPENSIVE homes, some even had multi ,million dollar yachts sitting in the river next to their house.

Some , no most these houses were over kill, they were not places to live, or vacation, they were places to impress people they probably don't even like.

Like this house, a total waste of money, but I guess the city loves it for the TAXES.

I was surprised to see an RV Park along the river. Yacht Haven had some nice views, and I was also shocked to see some of the RV's were older rigs, (wouldn't pass a 10 year rule).

This was some prime property for an RV Park when you consider homes along the river sell for multi millions, and as the guide told us, some of the people bought homes next to theirs so they could tear them down and build playgrounds and tennis courts.

Our boat tour took us to an island somewhere where we were fed. I'm talking all you can eat BBQ Ribs, BBQ chicken, and steamed shrimp, along with coleslaw and baked beans. Robbie was our server, and she and I had a good time, but I couldn't convince her to bring me a pan full of ribs just before we got back on the boat.

After everyone had had all they could stand of the great food topped off with chocolate cake, we all moved to the stage area where we were entertained. First it was with comical singing, the singer/entertainer got his help from the crowd.
Then a ventriloquist entertained us. He had three dummies for his show. This elderly lady.

And then there was this 108 year old man, he dated "younger" women, not by choice but because there weren't any his age left.

His last act involved this young man. He is getting married on Saturday somewhere along the route our boat took getting us to the island. It was a pretty good act, and everyone had a great time, (except maybe the groom).

After we were fed good, and entertained we boarded the Jungle Queen IV again for the trip back. It was nice seeing all the fancy houses after dark, some were lit up and you could see people moving around inside, and some were just dark and empty.

This was one great day, and I am so happy I was able to spend it with my beautiful and loving wife Marcia.
If any of you reading this are ever near Ft Lauderdale, spend the $39 and do the Jungle Queen dinner cruise...........

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  1. Thanks for sharing. It sounds like you had a wonderful night together.


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