Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Moving Day

We have really ENJOYED our few days here in FT Lauderdale. Marcia got to spend some time with friends that flew in from KY. (I was ran off with them saying it was a girl thing)

We spent a lot of time on the beaches soaking in the FL sunshine. Monday we got the severe weather that pounded the south earlier, but it wasn't bad here, and by 3 PM I was soaking in the sunshine on the beach. Sorry about not having pictures, but I value our marriage and if I took pictures of all the girls in them skimpy swimsuits I would wind up dead or divorced.

Tomorrow/today/ Wednesday, we will leave here and start towards Naples FL, or FT Myers FL for a few days. We had planned on two days but decided to wait around so we could go shelling with my brother and his wife on Saturday. (he still has a JOB and WORKS) (really dirty words)

Since we will be staying in Naples until Sunday AM I'm thinking we might just have to take an extra day getting across FL and maybe do one of the airboat tours of the Everglades, but that will depend on when they do the tours.

I guess last week when we left KW, we started our "meandering" back to KY to see family. A few days here and a few days there for the next few weeks. What a lifestyle............


  1. Travel safe! I'm hoping you can make the Everglades tour so I can see the pictures!!!! Have fun you two!!

  2. Next winter I have to take an air boat ride. I can't believe we lived in Fl for years and never did that! I guess we concentrated to much on WORK. The pollen is about gone and the temp. is warm up here in Tennessee. Time to get out of Florida.


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