Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Key West Navel Air Station Sigsbee Park

We are here in Key West FL enjoying the weather. I really like it when the highs are in the mid to upper seventies and the lows are in the low seventies, and that is what it has been this week down here.
We are very thankful that we have this opportunity, and I am very thankful that the military has changed since I was a soldier back in the seventies. Soldiers now have a lot more options in the uniforms they wear, and they are respected by the public. I am also glad I don't have a uniform to put on, I like my shorts, and sandals.

We were excited when we saw these little creatures that we are sharing this island with.

We saw 5 of them one morning when we were leaving our site, they ran off into the mangroves as we drove by. We did manage to get a couple snapshots before they hid in the mangroves.

From our site here in Sigsbee we can see the Gulf of Mexico, and we were treated to an air to water jump the other day. As the plane flew over a boat was dropped out, and then several soldiers followed. Once they hit the water they had to deal with their parachutes before they swam to the boat they had dropped.

From our site we can enjoy amazing sunsets through the front windshield, and the view from my window is awesome. I watch boats going by all day, some are under sail, some have big motors, and then there are the jetskis and the paddle boats.

I will have to do downtown Key West on a separate blog one day.

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