Friday, July 2, 2010

Another week has passed.

It has been a week since my last update. Hard to beleive time flys by so quickly. We have enjoyed some family time, and that is priceless, but it is time to move on. The on;y problem is the Forth of July is this weekend, and everyone knows all the weekend worriers will be out in force.
I am happy the working people get the chance to enjoy what we enjoy every day, but it does cause us to "plan" to be parked for the weekend. So we will stick around here until after the "holiday weekend".
We are also getting the oppertunity to spend some time with our rv families, David and Kathy (of the Class of 2007) are here at Raccoon Valley along with Billy and Kay, Wanda and Wallace, and a few others that we have spent time with over the past few years. It sure is nice to have so many freinds and family around.
After the 4th we will try to see some of the area around where we grew up that we havewn't seen. I'm amazed that there is so much around that we never took the time to explore when we lived so close..............

Everyone enjoy the fourth, and I hope we all get to celerbrate it with the fifth, (of July)................

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