Monday, November 15, 2010

Big Cypress National Preserve

 We decided on heading WEST this AM, something about a saying, "go west young man, go west". We left the casino after running a few errands. I needed to get my fix at Harbor Freights, and a trip to the Post Office to return the ski doo covers that didn't fit.

 Once we got rolling it wasn't long before we rolled up on mile marker 52 on hwy 41, or the Tammiami Trail, where we found the Midway Campground almost empty. We parked the rig on site 13, the site on the south west corner of the lake. After Marcia spotted a gator sunning on the bank, and we paid our fees, we took off to check out the visitors center.

 The visitors center had some neat stuffed animals on display, a panther that had been hit on the road, a few birds, and some snakes. I never knew there was a pigmy rattlesnake, but they had one on display. Marcia took some pictures of several gators that were sunning, and we watched a funny bird that swims underwater like a fish, pops its head out of the water like a snake, flies, and spreads its wings and holds them out to dry off.

 Next stop was the Monument Lake CG, there are no hookups there, but there is also no fee this time of year. It looked like a nice place to hang out a few days, but we plan on staying where we are for a couple more days. Then we took the "Loop Road" which is a scenic route through the Big Cypress Preserve. The loop road is about 20 miles of ROUGH dirt road, and 8 miles of blacktop. The view is blocked by trees most of the way, but there are a few places to view the swamps.

 We had a cooler in the back seat of the jeep that had a lot of melted ice and when we hit the rough road it started sloshing out onto the seat. Marcia ask me to stop so she could empty the water so like a good husband I did. The problem was, when she opened the jeep door to get out, she looked down and there was a gator laying on the side of the road. She ask if I would pull up some before she got out to empty the cooler.

 We made it back to the CG just after dark, it was a good ride, but I wouldn't do it again unless we took all day to do it.
We didn't have any cell service where we parked until I hooked up the Wilson Amp with the external antenna, and the inside antenna. I have to put the aircard right on the inside antenna to get internet, and the AT&T phones work in the rig, but the Verizon phone has to be right next to the inside antenna to pick up even two bars. So pictures will have to wait.

 Tomorrow will bring another adventure if I'm able to get out of bed.............


  1. Hi guys, the bird was likely an Anhinga:

  2. Yes that is what it was, sometimes called the snake bird.


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