Saturday, November 20, 2010


 The Transportation Security Administration and their new screening process is about all I see on the news these days. Do you agree or disagree? I'm all for keeping the planes safe, and if it takes see through your clothes screeners, so what.
 As I understand the process, someone in another area, that can't see the person being screened is the one looking. Now if you choose to avoid the ex-ray, (or if the airport doesn't have them) you are required to have someone pat you down, feeling your most protected parts. I really don't want some guy feeling me up, but if that is what it takes to keep terrorists from smuggling explosives on the plane I'm ready to let them do it.
 I'm at the age, and with my previous medical problems, I have a prostate exam every year. No I really don't like what my doctor does, but it is something I tolerate because it helps keep me safe. I know most women don't like the mammograms, but they do them when the doctors say they need to be done.
 The people working for TSA aren't doctors, they probably don't even have any medical training other than the basic first aid stuff, yet they are the ones doing the pat downs and looking at the screens. Should they have a MD doing this?  Does that training and diploma make them more suitable to pat you down? Does the guy we all seen on the news telling the examiner "if you touch my junk I'm having you arrested for sexual harassment" have special junk?
 I'm pretty sure that the TSA officer isn't thrilled about having to feel in those places, but the terrorists have proven they will hide stuff there, so it has to be done. The human body is just what it is, either male or female, (although in KW some you couldn't tell the Male from the Female) the shapes are different, but the basics are the same. If you don't want to be examined the way they do it, don't fly!
 Or maybe we should just forget all the security and just go on the honor system asking everyone if they are going to harm anyone, or cause destruction in some way. My thoughts are to let them do what they need to do to keep us safe, and let the news media find something else to fill their air time.
 Please remember, the bad guys that have all the rights are the ones that has caused all the need for such security. Maybe if we took away some of the "rights" of the bad guys, the good guys wouldn't be so inconvenienced.........


  1. I feel that if we have another terrorist incident we will all regret not doing more. I'm willing to do it because if everyone is doing it, we're safer in the air. My mom already has to do the "pat-down" because of her pacemaker, and she hates it! But it didn't keep her from flying this summer when we went out West. I don't believe we should trade off liberties for security, BUT flying on a commercial airliner is not a fundamental right. It's a luxury and already has a lot of rules attached. This is one I'll follow. And who cares if photos of me show up on the internet? Really? Who's gonna' look? (Sorry you asked? :))

  2. Not at all Julie, I'm happy to see I'm not the only one that is willing. You do make a good point about flying luxury.

    If you follow my blog you know this type of post isn't normal, but I am just so sick of hearing everyone crying about this.

    Have a gr8 day and I hope the skies are safe...


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