Thursday, November 25, 2010

Carefree Resorts

 In Arcadia we were parked in a Carefree Resort because I read about Carefree Resorts on the Escapees forum. They offer a 50% discount to veterans, and I support almost everyone that does something special for a veteran. Tuesday we drove up to Zephyrhills to another Carefree Resort. This one is called Glen Haven, and it is a nice park with many park models and a few RV sites.

We were greeted by Inga, a super lady, she told us to pick a site out of the three or four she had open. We walked around looking at them and decided on site #29. It is across the street from the mail room, and real close to the clubhouse. When we told Inga which site we wanted she said do what we had to do to get set up and then come back tomorrow and she would take our money.

It was around 2:30 once we had the rig leveled and the slides out so I ask Marcia if she wanted to run up to Sumter Oaks and see who all was there. She wanted to see Wanda and Wallace who are the current managers there, so we quickly took the top off the jeep and took off to Bushnell. We made it just in time for the social hour, and it was good seeing many of the friends we had met there. We managed to stop by and see a few that didn't make it to the social hour.

 Wednesday was an interesting day, after settling up with Inga, I needed to go to the VA to see a doctor about the pains I'm having in my chest when I cough, or lay down on my back. When I checked in at the urgent care the first question they ask (after seeing my ID) was why was I there. When I explained I was having pains in my chest they went into Heart Attack mode. I explained to them I thought it was a pulled muscle or something along those lines, but the magic words had already been spoken, "chest pains".

 Everyone was so professional and helpful, the nurses were terrific, and the doctor that saw me was very pleasant. After ex-rays, and blood tests they agreed with me that it was a pulled muscle or cartilage in my chest and my ticker was fine. They found some infection in the blood work so I'm back on the antibiotics, along with cough syrup to clear everything up.

 The doctor was also kind enough to order the tests my doctor in Lexington wants, he even put in an order for me to get another mask for my c-pap. We walked all over the hospital trying to get the mask, one place would say I needed to go to another place and the other place said I needed to go somewhere else. Then we wound up at the desk of a retired Col. I didn't know he was a retired Col until he had already went way above and beyond he duties at the VA. He was able to get me an appointment with the c-pap people so I will be able to get all the supplies there, or in Lexington. I can't say enough about how helpful he was.

 Today we drove back to Sumter Oaks to spend Thanksgiving with our Escapee friends. Our friends Nick and Terry Russell are at Sumter Oaks, but they are fighting colds so we visited them from a distance. Nick and Terry run the Gypsy Journal as well as hosting the Gypsy Journal Rallies east and west. Nick and Terry were the first full timing couple we met back in 2007 when we sold our house and moved into a motor home. We have ran into them all over the USA and enjoy spending time with them each time we do. I hope they get over their illness really soon.

 With 10 tables full of food and people we shared Thanksgiving dinner with Wanda and Wallace, Fran and Sharon, Bennett and Bee, Elaine and her grandson, and a couple other people I can't recall their names right now. (remember the doctors said I have CRS) As I do every year I ate way too much, but this year I can blame it on the plate. I just put a little of each thing on my plate and only had one serving, but the plate was so big I struggled to finish everything I had dipped out.

 I really hope everyone that reads this blog had a terrific Thanksgiving Day, just stop and thank the man upstairs for the things you have to be thankful for, and add a special thanks for the soldiers that are away from their families this Thanksgiving day protecting us so we are able to enjoy the day in peace..

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  1. Hi Ya'll remember us..Deb and Gary Pearce here..last seen at the Gypsy Journal Rally in 09. We're staying in NC now(not traveling) due to aging parents care. Maybe we'll catch up with you down the road one of these days.


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