Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Enjoy it while you can.

 We came to FL back in September so we could go on the cruise Wanda and Wallace were going on. We had a good time, and the weather wasn't too hot during the days and was really nice during the nights. After the cruise we slowly made our way to Key West so we could experience Fantasy Fest, and that was a blast.

After spending four weeks in the Keys we came back to the Tampa area, stopping in the Big Cypress National Preserve for a few days on the way. We saw lots of gators along the Tamiami Trail, which is hwy 41 that runs from Naples to Miami. Finding a great deal on the net for a site at Glen Haven RV Resort we parked the rig in Zephyrhills.

 October and November gave us some beautiful weather to enjoy, Tampa even had a record high for the last day of November, which was a perfect day for me. Now a cold front that has most of the US suffering colder than normal temperatures is due to come through FL tonight and tomorrow. The news headlines are saying the cold front could bring record lows to the Tampa area.

All I can say is bring it on, and I'm happy to know we have plenty heaters in the Kountry Star. Two heat pumps on the roof, a furnace that I hope I never have to use, and two small space heaters, and if I have to I can always dig into the bays and find the Mr Buddy Propane heater. The deal we found requires us to pay for the electric, but since they don't have meters installed we paid a flat rate, so you all know we will be warm and toasty in the rig.

All our plans for the next few days will be dictated by how cold it does get hear in Zephyrhills. And for all of you that are in the colder weather I feel for you, but avoiding the cold was one of the main reasons we sold our house and live in a motor home. Remember, "CHASING THE 70s"..............we won't catch them for a few days.................

The picture shows the current temps at 10:45 PM EASTERN Time November 30 2010.

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