Thursday, December 16, 2010

Daughter visiting.

 Monday Marcia picked Jenelle up at the Orlando Airport, she will be visiting for a week or two. I was really hoping we would have better weather while she was visiting but we get what we get. She figured out that she could get more financial aid by not working than she could make working 5 hours a day. Plus she wouldn't have to drive 40 miles a day.With her not working she will have more time for her studies at school, and have time to visit us.

 Tuesday we drove to Dickey's BBQ where we enjoyed a $5 BBQ sandwich, fries, pickle, drink and ice-cream. $5.99 without our coupon. After filling up on BBQ we headed to a Verizon store. On the way I happened to see an Army Recruiting Center, and since I lost my sticker saying "My son is Serving in the U S Army" I decided to stop in and see if they had one.

 After a short discussion with the Sargent First Class about Good Morning, another SFC went to the back room. He returned with a very nice Army Sweatshirt, A hat, a window cling, and a bumper sticker. I was really impressed! The sweatshirt came in real handy the past couple of days, and I will donate the hat to an Army fan somewhere down the line.

 We did make it to the Verizon store where I haggled with everyone there. A quick trip to Best Buy to compare prices we returned to the Verizon Store. The end results are I have a new Droid Incredible, dad will be getting a new "old folks" phone with bigger numbers, a 911 button, and an ICE button. (in case of emergency), Scott will get a new texting type phone, and Marcia got a new texting type phone. We won't be rolling the wheels any because we will need the diesel fuel $$ to pay the phone bill.

 Yesterday was one of those days where I should have stayed in bed. After breakfast I did go back to bed, but after lunch I attempted a trip to the dollar store to get a new case for my phone. With no case at the dollar store we tried Big Lots, and half way through I got to feeling bad so I went back to the jeep while Jenelle and Marcia looked for the case and car charger. Then it was back to the rig and back in bed for me while the girls made a trip to Wal-Mart.

 Today was a much better day for me, and for the weather here in Zephyrhills. I think the official high was 69, but in the sunshine it was almost perfect. After a couple nights of freezing weather we really are welcoming the warm up. Tomorrow should be in the mid 70's so I am a Happy Camper, and the lows won't be where I like them but there will be no freeze warnings either.

 The last time Jenelle came to visit we went kayaking with the manatees, so I'm trying how to top that with something she will remember. We had thought about her and Marcia going on a cruise, but the cheap cruises were already booked. I guess all the snowbirds here in FL read my blog and decided to head south to avoid the cold like we did last week. OH Well I will think of something, after all we are in FL...........


  1. Joe The best place to get cell cases is Webster. Also what web site do you use to check for the cruises. Tom & Paula

  2. We check one on FB, and most that show up when you google cheap cruises.

    I'll never forget ur day @ Verizon lol


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