Wednesday, December 1, 2010


 The cold front has left the western states, but has FL and the east coast dead in it's sights.  Here in the Tampa area we could drop into the low 30's tonight and tomorrow night. The bright side is the highs will rebound and by Sunday we should be back up to the mid 70's. So I will be spending a lot of time inside, or in the direct sunlight.

 When ever I can I park the rig with the front windshield pointing northeast. The reason for this is to get the early morning sunshine on our patio. While at Sumter Oaks in Dec of 08 and Jan of 09 we had site #40, it was good because we had the morning sun, but the trees blocked part of it so when site #41 became available we moved. We had plenty company come to sit on the patio to enjoy the morning sunshine.

 Here at Glen Haven we didn't get the rig parked the way I like it because the sites aren't laid out in a way that I could get the AM sun, but we are parked close to the clubhouse and the hot tub. We chose this park over several others because it has a hot tub, and I was disappointed when I found out it wasn't open, but the price was right and I wasn't in the mood for complaining.

 Today after a week here I was surprised to find the hot tub OPEN, and Marcia and I didn't waste any time taking advantage of it. It is a small hot tub with a max of 4 people so I figure we will have a lot of waiting to use it, but we are just across the street so it won't be too bad.

 Last night was bingo night at the clubhouse, and I won! Yes it was a shocker for me too, and the $26 I won will not be spent all in one place. Tonight was euchre night, and there were 39 people playing. Here they play 8 hands, and then the two winners move to the next table, with one of the winners from the last table sitting out a round. After 8 games the scores are tallied up and the top three men and top three women win the $. Marcia won 75 cents last week.

 I am looking for a used 4X4 truck, not sure what yet, I guess that depends on what I find. We spend a month or two around the old hometown during the summer visiting friends and family, and I fly back to KY every winter for my doctor appointment. So rather than trying to borrow a car or renting one while we are there I decided to buy one and leave it at our son's house while we are traveling. He can use it while we are gone, and it will be there for me or dad if he needs a truck to haul something.

 Tomorrow we will drive the jeep up to Clermont to have lunch with the SKP chapter 27. Some of our "class of 07" mates will be there, so I know we will have a good time and get a lot of the SKP hugs........

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