Monday, December 20, 2010


 Not much going on down here in FL, the weather has really sucked! I remember warmer days in Jan in KY than we have had here in FL this Dec. Sunday I had planned on going to the flea market just north of Dade City, but when I first woke up it looked really foggy outside, so I just rolled over and drifted back into a deep sleep.

The next time I woke up it was after 11 AM, so thinking Flea-market I jumped up and got dressed, walked into the living room to see the front windshield all wet. Oh yea, it does rain here in FL and the flea-market was a wash out. So we had to come up with a plan B for the day.

The girls waited until I was up and ready before they did their thing, I guess they know me well enough to know if its raining I'm more apt to stay in bed than anything else. After everyone was dressed to wander around, (mainly them wandering if I was going to get out of bed) we took off headed toward Tampa. I wasn't sure where we were going but I knew we were going somewhere.

 Hard Rock Casino was on my mind and since we were close I decided to take Jenelle to her first ever trip to a casino. I was feeling really lucky when we found a parking place right near the door, well at least as close to the door as you can get without using valet parking. Jenelle was impressed with all the glitter, and I was really impressed when we walked out with more $$ than we walked in with.

 It was a good thing that we had won a few $$ because when I tried to start the jeep there was NOTHING. I had left the lights on, I'm not one to drive at night, and the tracker had automatic lights, so I'm not used to having to turn lights on or off, but with the rain I had turned them on, but I didn't turn them off. It was no big deal, Marcia called the roadside service and they sent someone out to jump us off.

 Back on the road we toured McDill AFB, Jenelle had never been there, and we wanted to get a few things from the commissary. We did a late lunch in the base exchange fast food Court, shopped around in the base exchange before driving to the CG to look around and stopping at the commissary on the way out. I saved myself several dollars by using the bar code scanner I have on my phone, I was going to buy a mount for the TV in the bedroom, but after scanning it with my phone I saw I could buy it for about half price online. So today I ordered it and I'll have to wait a few days before I get it.

 Today was a trip to the Webster Flea-Market. I found a case for my new phone, and a car charger. We also stocked up on oranges and some veggies. Tomorrow will be another day, and I'm sure we will find something to get into............

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