Thursday, March 3, 2011


 We came to the SKP Resort here in Wauchula for two reasons. The first being it was going to be a few degrees warmer than in Bushnell And the second was the Jeep dealer here was on the preferred list of the insurance company of the the lady that rear ended Marcia's jeep a few weeks ago, and I wanted a jeep dealer to repair it.

 Now that the weather is warm enough here in most of FL that the few degrees doesn't effect me too much we could leave this area and explore another part of FL., except the jeep is still in the shop. Skip is the guy in charge of the repairing of the jeep and he told us it would be ready by Friday. Not Friday March the 4th, we were talking Friday Feb the 26th. The 25th he said the first of this week, and then Monday it was the middle of the week, and yesterday he said it will be ready on Friday.

  I tried to explain that I really wanted to be rolling down the road Friday AM, so later today we will see if they can get it put back together and have it ready for us to pick up by close of business Thursday. We have went by to check on it almost every day, and I did take a few pictures so I could look back some day and see what they did. Although the pictures will more than likely wind up in some folder on the pc and I won't be able to find them when I decide I do want to see them.

So I think I will post them here so I will know where they are, if you aren't interested in seeing the damage, and progress of repairs you don't have to look. (if I can remember how to post pics.)

This picture shows some of the damage done inside the bed of the jeep.

 This is the rear of the jeep after they took it apart to start the repairs.

 Here he has cut out the bent up corner panel enough to cut the welds where it is welded together.

 another one of the cut away area

 In this one he has started putting the new pieces on.

 Here it is back together with new metal, he just has to straighten out a spot under the door and it will be ready for paint.

 Now it is in the paint booth, where they will put several layers of primer and paint, before going into the bake cycle.

 And here it is after the paint work. It needs to set a few hours before they put everything back together and replace the decals I had put on to match the Kountry Star.
 I really hope we are able to drive it home Thursday afternoon, so we will be able to roll the wheels on the Kountry Star Friday AM.

  It hasn't been all about the jeep here at Wauchula, we got to attend our first Pioneer Days today, (Wednesday). We saw some amazing tractors, and a lot of "hit -n-miss" engines, the old ones that sound so funny running. The flea market was good, but the guy that told us there would be lots of RV stuff was wrong. I enjoyed it enough that I may just go back Thursday since the jeep won't be ready early enough for us to head out Thursday.

 Later we decided to go out for Mexican food. We stopped and ask John and Char to join us, and they were pleased to drop everything and jump in the truck and go with us. John and I had a good time harassing the waitress, she was really busy with a large group so when she got to our table to take our order she said she was sorry. I told her that was an odd name for a person, Sorry? She explained to us that her name was Heidi, but it was too late, John and I called her by sorry the rest of the time.

 Later it was bingo, and I must have offended them here because they haven't let me win but once since the first night when they let me and Marcia win. Although Marcia is still in their good graces because they let her split one pot with someone else. Any way it is always fun to play bingo here at the SKP Resort.

 Now it is time to play with the "Etch-A-Sketch" and hope the jeep dealer doesn't shake it up for us Thursday afternoon..................

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