Thursday, March 10, 2011

It has been too long

 I know it has been too long since I last updated my blog, but what can I say?

 We left Wauchula and drove the 100 + or - miles to Sumter Oaks. As soon as we parked the Kountry Star on a lot we jumped in the jeep and drove to Flagship RV to pick up the Santara. Flagship RV has had our Santara since we dropped it off back in April of last year. They were going to sell it for us, but all I got from them was a call telling us the starter was out and it was going to cost $450 to replace it. They did call one other time with a low-ball offer from a dealer up north somewhere.

 Once we pulled it into a site at Sumter Oaks Dave and Maryann looked it over and told us they wanted it. It being late Friday afternoon we decided to do the paper work on Monday, but we told them they were welcome to move in anytime. Maryann was excited so they started moving in right away.

 Friday night Norm and Peg, Marcia and myself, and Dave and Maryann took a drive to werda-hekamiat, (I am not sure about the spelling) for the fish dinner. All you can eat for $10, and the first plate they brought out was all any of us could eat. It was a good night out for everyone.

 Saturday we helped Dave and Maryann move into their new rig, and I answered all of Dave's questions, at least all I could answer. We also moved the Kountry Star to a site right next to Dave and Maryann so we would be close in case they had any questions, or needed anything we could help them with.

 Sunday was a relaxation day for us, although I did get really tired watching Dave move stuff from their class C to the Santara. I did get to watch the KENTUCKY Wildcats beat the TN Vols in the last regular season game. It was a bad first half with TN up by 10, but the second half KY came back to a 6 point victory.  Later we did do the Mexican place across from Wal-Mart, they have good Mexican food, at a reasonable price and we try to eat there every time we are at Sumter Oaks.

 Monday the jeep was hard to start, and then it wouldn't start. Dave walked back to our site and got Norm to bring his truck up to jump the jeep off. Once it was started I took it to Auto Zone and everyone else went to Webster to the flea market. I joined them after buying a new battery for the jeep. The price of batteries has jumped up since I bought the one we put in the tracker.  It was a good day at the flea market, everyone found something they couldn't live without.

 It was late by the time the banks did the transfer of $$ so it was Tuesday before we went to the DMV in Bushnell so I could sign the title of the Santara over to Dave, but we got it all taken care of. I really hope they are satisfied with the Santara, although I told them if they added a couple zeros they could move into the Kountry Star and we would move back into the Santara.

 Tomorrow we will leave Sumter Oaks and start or meandering towards Kentucky for my doctors appointment on the 17th. That is if the "etch-a-sketch" doesn't get shook up too much tonight, and the rain moves out early enough for us to get out of here. The plan it to drive the 300 miles to Twin Oaks RV Park so we can soak in the hot tub a couple days before getting in the cold up in KY.

I really hope things warm up in KY or we may not stay there too long.....

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