Sunday, March 20, 2011


We made it to KY, I had the ct scan, spent some time with dad, played bingo, (and won), and now we are headed south.

It was cool while we were at Raccoon Valley, but I got to watch the UK Wild Cats win the SEC tourmemnet, and we got to spend some time with Jenelle. On the way to Middlesboro we stopped to fill up the MH. $3.67 a gallon was a bargain considering it was over $4 a gallon in some places in FL.

 You gotta love the country folks in the hills of KY, the lady that took my money for the diesel ask me in the most sincere tone, " do you have someone famous in there". Referring to the MH, I said no not really, and then she said, "I seen the "KOUNTRY STAR" on the side and thought you might have one of those country singers in there".

 I had a little accident with the MH backing into a site at the park, the front end got into the dirt and some damage so we will be putting it in a shop to get it fixed as soon as we find a shop we think will do a good job. I called the factory but they are booked up for several months so maybe we will find one here in SC.

 Dad is doing OK, he still gets really short of breath if he walks around any, but I think summer weather will help him as much as anything else will. Scott has really improved, he is getting around on his bad leg as if nothing happened.

 Monday night we went to bingo, and I won the $1000. game, (they have three a night) . After all the times I have been to bingo that was the first time I hit the big game. We went every night after that and didn't win anything, but I can now say I have won the $1000.

 Today we left Middlesboro and started south, we made it to Camping World in Spartinburg SC. We will spend the night here and get an estimate on the fix for the damage I did at the park, and then we will head deeper south to try to avoid the cold front coming through later in the week.

Stay tuned to see what happens next....................

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