Saturday, July 23, 2011

48 states

 When we sold our house in Kentucky in 2007 we were chasing the 70's. We soon found out we liked the upper 70's and lower 80's. We also found out that goal was a lot harder to achieve than we thought. Temps change too much to stay in the 70's no matter where you are.

 We also bought a map to and put it on the side of the Santara. Each time we spent the night in the rig in a state we would add that state to the map. After 4 years and 1 month we are able to add the 48th state to our map.

 North Dakota was the last one we needed, and I'm happy we got it in July. Tonight the low is going to drop to around 55 degrees here in Grand Forks ND, and anyone that knows me knows that is too cold for me. 55 might be OK for a low in Dec or Jan, but this is late July.

 We will hang out here until Monday at least, (temps are rising). We will see how the next couple days go before deciding when and where we head next. One thing is for sure, I will post a blog about where we go next.................

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