Friday, July 1, 2011

On the road again.

 Our two months with the CGNHP ended Monday, Ranger Scott was kind enough to offer us the site we were on until after the 4th of July, but I had hitch itch and was ready to move on. Three months in the same spot was long enough for me.

 We did sign on for another two months next year at the CGNHP, June and July we will be back there. Maybe next year Marcia won't have to do the 32 required hours by herself, I won't be running to the hospital everyday so I will be able to do more.

 We were lucky enough to get tours of the Cumberland Gap tunnel, Gap Cave, and Hensley,s Settlement. I did a blog on the Tunnel and Gap Cave, and I plan on doing one on Hensley,s Settlement some time in the future. Marcia met plenty visitors to the park and offered her knowledge and wisdom to everyone that asked for information. We even met a guy that claimed to have been to every National Park except two, and they had just been declared National Parks this year. I was impressed!

 Tuesday we spent cleaning and packing between the rain drops, so a lot off stuff had to be brought out and dried today. We also said good-bye to our two sons, and four grand kids Tuesday, Jon had to fly back to Korea Wednesday morning so he left Middlesboro Tuesday evening, and Corey left Wednesday morning headed to VA Beach with his loving wife Jennifer, and his precious daughter Jaelynn. So we had a pizza party in the park for lunch. All the good-byes were said and the sorrow of not seeing them all for a while was dealt with.

 Wednesday morning we took the rig to our mechanic for the annual service, oil and filters were changed, and he found the antifreeze was a gallon low. ( I,ll have to watch that close because he couldn't find any leaks, and couldn't tell me where it had gone.) We caught Stacey before she left for work and said goodbye to her, then we finished some last minuet things that needed to be done before saying bye to Scott and heading to Raccoon Valley RV Park.

 Scott really impressed me with the changes he has made in the past year, he has really gotten his act together. His significant other, or girl friend, Stacey might have something to do with his changes. We really liked Stacey and hope the very best for her and Scott, because they both will have their hands full.

 Now we are getting back into "vacation mode" as full timers, we have this weekend to see the sights around Knoxville, and spend a little time with our daughter Jenelle before we aim the nose of the Kountry Star north. Next week we will get the air force one brake system installed on the rig, (I've had it a year now) and then we will wind up in MI to get the front end repaired. Once the repairs are finished we will point the nose west and follow the old saying, "go west young man go west"............................

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  1. Glad to hear that you'll be doing some traveling again. Travel safe and have fun! I look forward to more blog posts along the way!


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