Saturday, July 16, 2011

Finished in Elkhart

Today we finished up in Elkhart, or better stated, Phoenix Commercial Paints inc. Michele and her gang were very accommodating to squeeze us in on short notice to repair the boo-boo I did to the rig back in March.

This is what I did to it. I was backing into a site and the road slopped away from the site into a hill. I let the front tire drop off into a ditch allowing the front end to get into the dirt which hung up on the front end ripping the fiberglass off in a couple places.

It really wasn't as bad as it looked at first, and the gang at Phoenix Commercial Paints did a pretty good job at making it look good again.

I also had them remove all the diamond shield on the front because it was looking dull, it wasn't going to match the repaired section, and it had mold growing under it is a couple places. I remember watching Berry and Alice scrape the 3-M off the front of their coach for weeks, and I wanted no part of that.

After spending way too many hours beyond the estimated time allocated for removing the diamond shield the gang at Phoenix had the front end ready to repaint.

As you can see the boo-boo is all better now, and the front end looks so much better without the diamond shield. We also had them change the design on the hood, I was very disappointed at the way Newmar brushed us off, and removing their design on the front was just one way I could rebel against them.

The heat wave hitting the mid west this coming week has changed our plans, we had to pass up spending a few days at Camp Greg and Jean. I couldn't see sitting in a field with no electric with the heat index above 100-110 degrees. We decided to head on up to MN, (I guess it will be just as hot) where we will pull into a CG for a few days. We really need a rest, although we didn't do anything while the rig was being worked on, we couldn't enjoy being "home" because Phoenix was hard at work on it. Then there was the two days we spent at Bear Cave Resort in one of their cabins while the Kountry Star was being painted. I will NEVER spend another night in one of their "cabins". I'll do a blog on our stay at Bear Cave another day and tell you all about their "cabins". The park was great, the pool was great, the hot tub was great, and we enjoyed being there, but there is no place like home, and their "cabins" fall very short of being anything close to home...............

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  1. Really sorry we couldn't connect Joe !!! The repair and paint job looks great...


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