Saturday, July 9, 2011

Keeping up

For all those that do read this blog, I just want to give you an update as to what and where we are and have been.

 Sitting at Raccoon Valley I noticed the weather wasn't looking good for the plans on the etch-a-sketch so I shook it up a little. We pulled out Sunday just before noon because rain was in the forecast for Monday and Tuesday and I don't drive in the rain if I can avoid it.

 The etch-a-sketch showed us arriving at SMI on Tuesday and not Thursday as planned, so we went to Ft Knox KY to hang out over the fourth. Camp Carlson is a nice place, but the cell service was/is lacking. We did ride around and saw what you can see of the vault that supposedly holds all the gold.

 Tuesday AM we headed west to Newburgh IN, the home of SMI, the makers of Air Force One. That is the breaking system I bought last year and never had installed. A phone call confirmed they could squeeze us in Tuesday afternoon, and that would allow us to get to Phoenix Commercial Paints a day early, and give us a day at Camp Newmar.

 The one employee at Newmar that we talked to was very pleasant, almost too pleasant, and the customers we talked to were shocked that Newmar had refused to even talk to us about having the boo boo fixed there. We did pick up a few items we could only get at Newmar before parking the rig at Michele's for the boo-boo to be fixed.

 Michele and I hashed out what all I wanted her to do to repair the rig, and what she could do, and how much it all was going to cost me. By the end of the day the Boo-Boo had been put back together, and by the end of Friday the rear of the coach and one door had been sanded and painted. These were small places that the clear coat had chipped, but they kept getting bigger so I wanted to have them fixed.

 Today we drove the rig to Elkhart Camp Ground because I didn't want to stay inside the building at Phoenix Paints, and neither of us had 100' of 50 amp cord. We will hang out here until Monday morning and then Phoenix Paints will complete the painting of the front cap, removing the diamond shield, and making the Kountry Star look better than new.

 Everything should be finished by the end of next week, maybe sooner, and then we start our journey west...........

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