Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bad Week for Balloons

  We arrived here at the balloon fiesta on Wednesday, saw a couple balloons Thursday and Friday, and a lot of Balloons Saturday Sunday  Monday and Tuesday. But high winds kept the balloons in their bags Wednesday and Thursday, and rain Friday washed out the activities at Balloon Fiesta.

  It was awesome seeing the balloons flying for the four days they flew. If you enjoy balloons and have never witnessed Balloon Fiesta you are missing out on a truly amazing event. We are not in the best location here at the balloon fiesta park, but we are in a great spot and we didn't have to fork out $300 per night. To have balloons land right in front of the RV has been grand, and to take pictures of them from the drivers seat was pretty good too.

 Marcia, Jim and Nancy have been faithful crew members for Morning Wood all week, and from what I'm told they are next in line to get a ride, that is if the weather will give them enough of a window of good weather to fly.  The news and the park officials have been really optimistic about the weather, and the balloons getting to fly, but it just hasn't happened the past few days.

  Saturday and Sunday (today and tomorrow) look good for flying according to the weather reports, if the wet field doesn't prevent them from laying out the balloons so they can fill them with air. The only draw back is it will be C O L D here in ABQ. Right now my android phone shows 41 degrees and the weather shows high 30's for the next few lows. Something about 30's and Chasing the 70's doesn't mix but I am really hoping Marcia gets to get in the basket and fly one morning.

 We have been to almost every casino around here while the weather has kept the balloons grounded. Some of the casino's give you $25 in free play if you sign up for their players card, so it is inviting to play the slots on their money. We have also stocked up on cigeretts here buying the indian smokes on the reservations.

 We have the "Mr Buddy" heater going in the rig, so I will stay good and warm, but the ones crewing will  get cold until the sun comes out, (if the clouds leave) and when / if Marcia gets a ride she will be cold, but she really wants to fly so she will suffer through  the cold for the experience.

 Monday we will head SOUTH, Los Cruses, NM to have the front end of the MH looked at, and them Deming NM for a few days visiting Wanda and Wallace, and then we will have to look really close at the "etch-a-sketch" to see which way we will be headed. We will have to be in TN on the 9th of Dec for a graduation, and my doctor appointment, so will we fly in from the west, or will we head east and spend the next couple months in the south and drive up?  Only time will tell....................

The pictures will have to wait until I get better cell service, (verizon is really slow due to so many using it here during Balloon Fiesta).......


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