Friday, October 14, 2011

Deming New Mexico

Tuesday we pulled into Dream catcher RV Park in Deming NM. It was gr8 to see the Dub-uuus (Wanda and Wallace) First thing Wanda said was "I'll fix soup beans and cornbread tonight, and we'll go to Mexico tomorrow". Who can pass up soup beans and cornbread, or a trip to Mexico?

  We got the rig set up and a couple hours later a fifth wheel stops in the road next to our rig and Marty jumps out. We spent some time catching up until Marty decides he really should get his rig out of the middle of the road. (glad it isn't real busy here)

 Later we did happy hour, seeing friends we hadn't seen in months or even years. One thing about being an Escapee is you will run into friends at every Escapee Park. There was no organized happy hour, everyone just sat around the tables and visited.

 After happy hour we went to the dub-uuus and enjoyed a down home meal. Wallace grilled some chops, and Wanda had the beans and cornbread sitting on the counter waiting on us, with plenty of onions and tomatoes to top off the meal. The beans were this years crop, grown right here in Deming, and I'm sure the onions and tomatoes were from close by. Thank you DUB-UUUS............

 Then next morning we headed to Mexico, The PINK store. Marcia and I picked up some smokes at the duty free store before we walked into Mexico, Wanda checked on some glasses, and we all looked around the PINK store. (Algadonees outside of Yuma has the PURPLE store) The nice lady at the PINK store brought us a Margarita to sip on as we looked around.

 After looking around a bit we sat down to eat. The PINK store is a one stop place, all kinds of wares to buy, furniture, ornaments, liquor, nic naks, and they have the best food in town. The Dub-uuus are on first name basis with almost everyone in the PINK store, so we got an extra Margarita.

 Thursday we visited with Marty a little while before he went on a water run, and we went to check out a shop to look at the front end of the Kountry Star. While we were in MI this summer I noticed the right front tire was developing flat spots on it, so I've been watching it close. After Escapade it was getting worse so I started looking for a shop to inspect it.

 I had put a post on the forum about the tire and had some awesome responses as to what could cause the tire to get flat spots on it. Bottom line is I want a QUALIFIED shop to do any repairs, and Spartan couldn't tell me of one in NM. So Wallace said there was only one shop here in Deming that he would take it to, and after talking to them I'm going to let them look at it, but mainly I will have them rotate a couple tires so I can watch it to see if it might just be the tire bad. Any repairs will (unless they find something bad wrong) will come when we get to TX or AZ.

 Once we leave the tire shop we will have to decide which way to go when we get to I-10. East to see some of the south we haven't seen, or west to CA to use up some of our thousand trails time. Either way we will be in KY the second week of Dec to watch our daughter graduate from the University of Tennessee, and Q in Jan for the Class of 2007's 5 year reunion.................

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  1. we l-o-v-e the Pink Store and those Margaritas are the best. Haven't found any better food either. It will be so nice to see you in Q in January, as it's been a long time since we've seen you in person.


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