Saturday, October 1, 2011

alloon Fiesta

  Wednesday we left the fam-camp at Kirtland AFB and drove across town to the Balloon Fiesta where we were met by Cool Judy. Cool Judy is from Cool Ca thus the name Cool Judy. Cool Judy is the go to person here for the Escapee Boomers, we were led to our site right on the edge of the landing field. Once we got set up we met our neighbors for the next 12 days. Later was our first boomer happy hour where Cool Judy enlightened us on what was going to happen over the next 12 days, and she gave us the meet times for tomorrows training.

  Thursday we all met up at Judy's rig where she led 30-40 people over to the launch area to watch a saftey video, and then to register for crewing. Me not being the walking type I drove over and met the group before the video. After the training video and the registration we walked through the vendor area looking around. Like almost every other event the vendors charge way too much for their wares. $50 for a nitted shirt, $12 for last years tee shirts, and you get the idea.

After looking around we went back to the rig and hung out waiting for the 5 o'clock happy hour. (several thought it was too hot and not enough shad for another 4 o'clock happy hour). Marcia and I decided to check out WallGreens where we found tees 2 for $10, and some 3 for $12. We made it back for happy hour, but a cold front coming through had me hitting the bed. Marcia did the happy hour and told me all about it. One of the pilots came and talked for awhile.

Today was Marcias first day crewing. She was up way before the sun came up, and the report I got when she returned was, "they road around looking for a place to launch". If the winds arren't right they often drive a few miles away and find better conditions, but today wasn't one of those days so they stopped and had breakfast. I was really glad I slept in this AM.

Later Marcia and I went to the casino. It turned out to be very profitable trip. I played my $5 and wound up with almost $40 before I gave it all back. When I found Marcia she was up about $125, and she wanted to play it down to maybe $100 hoping to win big again. So while I was waiting I put in a $20 and had gotten down to about $4 when I hit $175 So after all was said and done we walked out with about $225 of the casino's money. Yeppers I thought we had a pretty good day.

So we returned intime for the 5 o'clock happy hour where Cool Judy and others gave a re-cap of todays events, and she explained some of tomorrows events. Then we went to dinner with two other couples, Jim and Nancy, and Kaz and Vickie (I think that was her name). We had a pretty good meal at El Pinto, I guess they concider it a "New Mexico" Mexican restauraunt. Sorry I don't have pictures to show, but they will come later. Tomorrow is the mass assention where about 600 balloons will take off in two waves. I'll do my best to get some good pics if I get out of bed in time. The ones crewing have to meet up at 5:15 AM. I figure I got up that early and fought the cold mornings enough when I was working that I don't need to or want to now that I don't have to work............

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