Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 the first six months

 We closed out 2010 in Bushnell FL with the escapees at Sumter Oaks, and then we headed south looking for warmer weather. We wound up in Key West FL enjoying the beautiful sunsets and a little warmer weather. It just wasn't the 70's that we seek, but we waited a few days and the 70's did show up.

Jim and Nancy came down and visited us and this little iguana tried its best to climb up Jim's leg. I don't think Jim had moved that fast in many years.

We did some kayaking and found some nice shells.

We soon moved back to Sumter Oaks, and I flew back to KY for my doctor appointment. While I was gone some lady rear-ended Marcia in the jeep. We took the jeep to wachula to have it repaired.

We found a buyer for the Santara, a nice couple we had met in Wachula, they had spent the winter in a small class C so moving into the Santara was a huge move forward for them, and it relieved us from the burden of having two motor homes.

My doctor appointment took us back to KY a lot earlier than we wanted to be there, but it did give us added time to spend with family.

I bought some " old school " wheels for the jeep and they really looked good, but Wal-Mart scratched them up when they installed them wrong so wal-mart paid me for those wheels and I bought some that were more durable.

Dad had been pretty sick all winter so it was really good that we were able to be there and able to spend time with him before he went to be with mom in heaven.

Another plus was we started volunteering for the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. Did you know

Kentucky was once called Kaintuck?

We even got uniforms.

And a secluded place to call home for a couple months.

We got to see "little Shit" (as dad called Braydon).

We were among many volunteers at the park.

While we were there we saw an unusual flood in June. Middlesboro was hit pretty hard by some heavy rains and many of the business in Middlesboro were flooded along with many homes.

We had several marsh-mellow roasts, the kids really enjoyed them.

Someone else liked them too.

The sad part of the first six months was dad passed away, and I really miss calling him and letting him know where we are parked at now. Going "home" (back to Middlesboro) will never be the same, and I might not ever return except Scott, Corey and Jenifer, and the grand babies are there, and it is so close to Nellies.

That is the short version of the first six months of 2011, the next six months, after leaving Middlesboro, will follow, (soon I hope)...

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  1. It's hard to lose our folks even when you know they are so much happier and together again. It's been two years since my Dad died and I still want to pick up the phone and call him. But the grands sure help to fill up that empty spot. Have a really great 2012.


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