Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Apache Trail

We are staying at Palm Gardens RV Resort in Mesa AZ. It is a nice place, too large for me but the price was right and they have the amenities we like. Hot tub, club house, and heated pool to name a few.
We decided to take a drive along the "Apache Trail" up to Roosevelt Lake, Ron, Linda Mike and Sandy was also going so we followed each other most of the way.

Here is the Superstition Mountains just East of Phoenix.

We met up with Ron and the gang at this ghost town, it is Goldfield Ghost Town just outside of Apache Junction AZ. It has a lot of neat stuff, but it is just another tourist trap in my book.

Here is the group at one of the first scenic overlooks, Looking over Apache Lake.

This is the nice lady that offered to take our picture all together. we all gave her our cameras so she took several pics for each of us.

At one of the several one lane bridges we stopped at I took this picture of the canyon that the creek flowed through.

Linda and Sandy ventured further up the trail to get a better view.

Here is one of the many awesome sights we were blessed with along the 150 mile loop. The 150 miles is from our CG back to our CG.

On the way to Roosevelt Lake we seen this van, we were humored by the "hows my driving" sign on the back, and the van had ran off into the ditch.

I was going to offer to pull him out with the Jeep, but the driver wasn't around.

Here is another awesome view we were blessed with.

Another one of the lakes.

The Apache Trail has 20+ miles of dirt road from Apache Flats to Roosevelt Lake, and a lot of the dirt road is a wash board road. Very bumpy, like the old wash boards used before washing machines. The Jeep handles roads like there easy, but Ron's big one ton dually had a rough time bouncing around.

Here is the bridge crossing over Lake Roosevelt, northward towards Payton, and south to Globe. We went south not crossing the bridge. 

A look at the upper side of Roosevelt Dam, the dam was built in 1911 and is one of the few masonry dams still in existence.

We stopped on the lower side of the dam and looked upwards, we even walked down the path to get a better look, but for some reason I didn't take a picture.

We had a good day and look forward to having many more with our friends every where we go...........

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  1. Wow, what awesome photos! Good to see photos of our classmates again...it's been a while. See you soon.


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