Friday, December 30, 2011

Wheeling in Salome

Yesterday we left the conveniences of the big city to enjoy the seclusion of Salome. The area around Salome is a four wheelers haven with thousands of miles of trails. I gave up the four wheelers years ago, something about pain and back caused our quad to sit in the garage for several years before we gave it away.

But my loving wife loves her jeeps, and I found out the jeeps will go almost any where a quad will, and if the jeep won't make it I don't really need to go there.

She did ask me several times today, "are you going down there"? A horse could have done a better job as transportation, but a horse needs too much attention, with the jeep its just tires, gas and oil, and we can pull the jeep behind the rv.

We traversed across many miles of desert enjoying the views all the way, and we are always looking for that shiny stuff in the washes.

I have found that I enjoy looking for the best way to get across the wash in the desert, than watching for the fool crossing into my lane in the cities.

I spotted this definite change in the rocks so I wanted to see why.

It was the tailing's of an old mine shaft. I have always wandered how the prospectors chose an area to look for their gold. You can find claims all over, but how do or did they know where to dig?

We didn't do anything that was too rough, although I wish the quads would have made the paths a little wider so I didn't have to worry so much about scratching the jeep.

 We made it back to the rv resort with no problems, didn't get cut off by any aggressive drivers, and I really don't think we ran any red lights today...........


  1. I have an almost new WF 600T inverter came out of a new Airstream. If interested make me an offer and I will have it in FEDEX Monday.



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