Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Very Proud of my Little Girl

 Last week we flew back to Knoxville TN as we do almost every year because my doctor wants to see me twice a year. But this time we had a few other things that we would have flown back for even with our doctor appointments. Our daughter Jenelle walked across the stage at Thompson Bowling Arena where she received her diploma. She is now a graduate of the University of Tennessee, with a BA degree in Communication.

 It was a long struggle for her, in 2008 she moved to Knoxville. Within two weeks she had her own apartment, a job, and enrolled in school. A little over a year later she had a house built and a new car in the garage, and she is doing it with almost no help from us. I know she spent many lonely hours studying because the closest of our family was 65 miles away, and we were running the roads in the RV.

 When she walked across that stage it opened a new door in her life. She had done without a lot of things, and she had put a lot of worldly desires aside to achieve her dream of getting that diploma so she can have a better future.

 I truly hope she succeeds in whatever she chooses for the next chapter in her life....

GOOD JOB JENELLE..............

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  1. You have much to be proud of there! Congrats to Jenelle!!!


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