Sunday, January 15, 2012

01-15-2012 Already

Wow, it seams like yesterday that we were celebrating New Years, and now we are starting the third week of 2012.

 We spent the first 4 days of 2012 sitting in the desert in Salome AZ, we were at an Encore Park so we had full hook-ups along with a nice heated swimming pool, and a hot tub. A hot tub is a must in my book for an rv resort, if I'm going to pay the average rates for a site there should be a hot tub in the park.

 On the 5th we moved the rig 35 miles to Quartzsite AZ, we are parked on BLM Land in the desert. We have hundreds of rv neighbors scattered around. Although I don't think there are as many rv's here this year as there was in 2008 when we were here, and everyone said the numbers were down then. Maybe it has to something  do with not being able to find the good deals once offered here in Q.

 We are here for the " Class of 2007" 5 year reunion, all of us "07'ers" will hit the 5 years on the road this year. It was 4 years ago when we first met with about 32 other rigs less than a mile from where we are now. Many of the same people are here now that we met 4 years ago, and we have spent time with them in one place or the other over the last few years.

 The "official" class reunion dates are the 15th - 20th, but many have already been here a few days and many will hang around past the 20th. Later today several more are going to pull in and join us, and then at 4 pm we will have our opening celebrations. The entire week should be full of fun, food, and laughter, and the weather won't be quite as cold as it was 4 years ago.

 The sunsets are beautiful out here, the company is outstanding, and we are looking forward to a fun filled week.................................

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  1. Hope you guys have great weather - know you will have great fun. Hopefully some pictures will hit the internet !!! Take care.


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