Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Escapade on

OK I really need to finish the recap of 2011 so I can start on 2012.

We left the Black Hills to do the 51st Escapade, the pre escapade was filled with friends and fun. Marcia and Wanda don't need glasses to share a picture of Margaritas at a gathering at a local Mexican eatery.

It looks like Donna helped with the Margaritas too.

Donna was a bit worried when we all took it a race at the local dirt track.

The unlimited class was AWESOME to see on such a small track. We all got dirt slung on us.

After the good, no great times at Escapade we were off to Yellowstone. This was our yard for one night.

We met Mark and Lydia in Yellowstone, and we know we will be seeing them down the road many more times as our travels cross paths.

Here we are in the Grand Tetons. Yellowstone NP is very low on my list of to See's, but the Grand Tetons are right up there with Crater Lake. I couldn't imagine the difference in just a few miles. (but then it may be who's running the show at each place)

In the Tetons we met up with class mates Sal and Bobbie. I think Bobbie is the youngest of our class, and maybe that's why they still work, but they work at some great places so it is almost like not working. Sal was kind enough to point out a great spot to view the local bear and her cubs. You my have to blow up the picture to find them because my droid phone is the only camera I carry now.

As we departed the Grand Tetons I had to get a shot of the KS and the snow topped mtns.

From the Tetons we were off to see Moab, but first we spent the night at a rest area on hwy 6.
 What a view.

In Moab we met Bill and Priscilla, we planned a jeep outing and guess who showed up? Mark and Lydia, so we all went wheeling one day.
This is some of the sights we saw.

A look at a distance.

And this is where the distance took us.

Marcia had to get her stamp at Arches NP and when she saw this sheep she had to wrestle it down.

From Moab and all the wheeling we headed for ALBQ. for the balloon fiesta. We joined Jim and Nancy along with the escapee boomers for 12 days at the balloon fiesta.
Marcia Nancy, and Jim was part of the crew team for one of the balloons, and they got to ride in it. I slept in until the balloons flew over the rig.

Then it was off to Tucson to visit Family and friends. We bounced around AZ during Nov and Dec.

We flew back to KY so we could watch our daughter Jenelle walk across the stage to receive her diploma, she is now a graduate of the university of Tennessee. I'm so proud of her.......

After returning to Tucson we had to head to Phoenix again to have a new exhaust manifold put on the KS. I was happy to find out it was still under warranty. We met up with several class of 2007 mates in the Phoenix area a few times before heading out to Salome AZ where Marcia and I spent a quiet New Years Eve soaking in the hot tub.

Now 2012 will bring many more adventures and many more amazing sights for us to see, and I'm sure I will share some of them with the readers of this blog, so please stay tuned........................


  1. NICE wrap up.......hopefully our paths will cross again one of these days !!!


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