Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thousand Trails

 Thursday was the day we departed the desert, not completely, just the area outside of Quartzsite AZ. We are now enjoying the comforts of a resort in the southern CA desert. We have hook-ups again, and after three weeks of boon docking it is great to have. We also have the comforts of a resort, pool, hot tub, clubhouse, and all the things that go along with "park" living, including neighbors close enough to hear things we shouldn't.

 Leaving Q was a task all in its own, the traffic was backed up 1.5 miles from I-10 so getting to the pilot station for fuel took a while. Once I got to pilot the line to get fuel was backed up to the point where I had to wait in the middle of the road while a couple cars filled up, before I could get on the lot and in line. Patience prevailed and before noon we were rolling west on I-10.

 We pulled into the Thousand Trails Palm Springs Preserve around 3 pm, (we gained an hour because of the time change). At the rangers station (guard shack) we were told to "pick our own site" which is very uncommon for larger resorts. Out of almost 400 sites we had to choose between three open sites we found, so the preserve is pretty full.

 We bought a membership to the TT, last March because we are slowing down a bit. For almost 5 years we haven't stayed in one spot very long, except when Marcia was working, so we think we are ready to spend a couple weeks in one spot, then to another area and spend a couple weeks. With the membership we can spend two weeks at one TT Preserve, (thousand trails park) and then go to the next one and spend two weeks. The problem has been there were no TT preserves where we have been until now.

 The park here is full, or about full everyday, and we were lucky we were able to get  reservations when we did. We will be spending our two weeks here, and then we hope to meet up with Bobbie and Sal at a resort for a couple days before heading closer to San Diego. We will be bouncing around southern CA until we venture back to Yuma, then Tucson, before we cross the country back to Savanna GA where we will greet Jon as he returns from a long tour in Korea.

 Over the next couple weeks I'll be blogging about the Palm Springs area and what we seeing and doing.....

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