Monday, January 23, 2012

The Class rally is over.

Here it is the 23rd of Jan already, we have been in the desert for 20 days. We arrived the week before the Class of 2007's  5 year reunion started. We were not the first ones here, and we won't be the last ones here.

 When we arrived Ron and Linda were already here with several from the 2008 and 2009 classes. Several others rolled in and several of the 08-09 ers moved out. I think they moved because one person got their panties all in a wad because she wasn't going to be running the show. It was after all the CLASS OF 2007's 5 year reunion, and ANY Escapee was welcome.

 Mike and Steve spent some time in Yuma acquiring some wood for the fires each night, (thanks Mike and Steve). Several of us made a trip to Los Algadones Mexico before the official start date of the reunion, and on the way back we stopped by Mittry Lake where Mike and Steve were parked and loaded Ron's truck with part of the wood.

 More class mates joined us for the reunion at La Posa South, the long term visitors area of the BLM Land just south of Quartzsite. We had some of the other classes join us also along with some that hadn't joined the Escapees yet. We all piled in parking where ever we wanted to, the parking crew had the week off.

 We had a couple pot luck dinners in the desert, we ate out a few times, one night we all had pulled pork that Mike had smoked. He spent a couple days smoking enough butt for everyone. We watched the ball game on Hank's outside TV, and we spent many nights sitting around the fire telling stories about the past few years.

 One evening we had a chili cook-off, and there was some GOOD chili there. We had everyone judge the chili this time, and we had a tie for first and a tie for second. I was told I was one of the ones tied for second, but my votes went to the cake that someone had baked. It was really good!!!!

 Then there was the auction for C A R E. CARE is like an assisted living place for RV'ers in Livingston TX. All the items were donated, and the monies collected was sent to help CARE. It was a fun auction, we watched Jim Chapman bid several times for Jim Tidball, and Jim T bidding for Jim C, either way you look at it CARE won, and the Class of 2007 will get another patch for donating another $1000. to CARE.

 Saturday was the first bad day, I say bad because we watched our friends David and Kathy hitch up and drive off. Today was another bad day because we watched 6 other rigs hook up and leave our little area in the desert. Thursday several other rigs will be pulling out, but we can take comfort in knowing we will be seeing everyone somewhere down the road.

 And my next blog post will be coming from somewhere down the road..........................

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