Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Where did 2012 go?

 How many times will we write or say 2012 when we all know it is 2013 now? I know every year I try to not make that mistake but find myself doing it, and sometimes it happens six or seven months into the new year.

 Ringing in the new year Marcia and I found the "Etch-a-sketch" uncontrollably shaken up. The plan on it when we left the TT Park in Clermont was a quick stop at Cummins to get a new oil plug, and then for us to be south bound. But: not only did we need a new oil drain plug, we also need a main bearing seal for the motor, and a gasket for the hydraulic reservoir.

 Spartan Chassis is covering the costs on the gasket and drain plug since the leaks started shortly after they serviced the coach, and the extended warranty we purchased back in January should cover the main seal with us only having to pay the deductible.  I said "should" cover the cost, as it turns out they will be sending an inspector out to check the seal.

  The Holiday has caused us to be put on hold while everyone celebrates, which is no real problem, Cummins is providing us with a very nice place to park with water and 50 amp service so we adjusted our plans.

 New Years eve we drove back to the TT park and enjoyed an evening with our friends Dave and Jean. The park threw a big party with live entertainment and we had a table with Dave and Jean and two other couples that are friends with Dave and Jean. It was a good way to ring in the new year.

 New Years day we headed east, as far east as we could drive, and then we walked a couple hundred yards across the dunes to the Atlantic Ocean. What better way to spend New Years Day than basking on a sunny beach watching the waves roll in? The water was a little too cold for us to get wet, but the sun had the sand feeling really good.

 Yesterday we found out we might be here a few more days. Spartan sent the gasket we need by UPS Ground and it won't arrive until Friday, and the extended warranty insurance company will be sending an inspector out to check the leak, and then he has to file a report and send it back to the adjuster assigned to us. Then he will decide what is covered and how much $$ is allowed for the repair. I'm not sure I'm happy with that investment or not.

 I also called my brother Chuck yesterday, he recently took a job at First Southern Bank and his office is in Orlando. When I told him we were camped out at Camp Cummins he figured out that he has their travel trailer parked about 1/2 mile from us. We were able to get together last night for a few hours, and it is always good to spend time with my older brother.

 That brings us back to Cummins and the waiting game, we will hang out here waiting on the parts to get here and the yea or nay from the insurance company. The repairs can be done in a few hours, but the approval has been a six day wait so far. Just another reason I dislike holidays.......

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