Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Livin on Island Time

  I haven't figured out why everyone says "living on Island time" because the clocks don't change, drivers don't slow down, and the sun rises and sets the same as anywhere else. Maybe it is for the tourists that come and spend their money, or the retirees that come down to enjoy the weather. What ever the reason we are living on Island time.

  Our friends and class mates Ron and Linda arrived a few days ago, and Marcia had spaghetti waiting on them so they didn't have to worry about cooking on a long travel day. They were able to get the site right next to us and we enjoyed their company, but when our turn came Saturday in the rotation we took the full hook-up site, and left Ron and Linda sitting in the dry-camping area.

 During our move to FH's I did something to my back. At lunch time I knew I was going to have a rough few days ahead of me. I am happy we got all set up after the move and we are on full hook-ups before my back decided to ground me for a few days. By Saturday evening I was pretty much out of commission. Sunday I was able to crawl out of bed long enough to eat and then back to bed. Monday I was able to get up and even walk around the park some, and now I'm OK as long as I don't move too fast or the wrong way, so I'll be even slower than Island Time.

 Our new Sea Eagle Kayak still has never been in the water, the wind has been blowing too much to get out on the water, but maybe I'll be ready by the time the wind dies down. The weather has been so nice, I can't even complain about it. Highs in the upper 70's and lows in the lower 70's. We did have a couple nights where it got down to 67, but hay this is Jan.

 What we do the next few days will be determined by how my back is, so we will just kick back and enjoy the weather........................


  1. When I lived in Bermuda we use to call it Island Time also....meant if you were late for a 2:00 appointment you just said..."hay I'm working on Island Time". It allows you to be lat for anything LOL.


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