Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Giving Back

 We have been back in Key West for two weeks now, the weather has been as perfect as anyone could hope for. Highs in the 70's and lows in the 70' for the most part. We have had a couple rain showers pass over, and the wind has blown a few days, but as long as we don't need to run the AC or a heater I'm a happy camper.

 We have found that giving back in the way of volunteering has its rewards. The main reward is knowing that we are helping some where some how, and then there is the tee shirt. Two weeks ago they held a triathlon here in KW and we volunteered to help out. It wasn't one of our better volunteer gigs and we won't be helping them again. The lack of planning and support for the volunteers on the bike ride route was as close to non existing as you can get, so we will let that one pass next year.

 Sunday they had a half marathon and the volunteers were treated right. They had a dinner for us Wednesday at the Turtle Krawal. The food was great and the beer was free and it was a great way for the half marathon staff to say thanks to us volunteers. After the race there were plenty of snacks for everyone and free beer. I really think they could cater to us that don't really care for beer a little better, but free is free so I had to have one before we finished the day. (at 10:30 AM)

 Monday the MWR, (moral, welfare, and recreation) department had a kayak trip set up that we did a long with 33 other people. For $5 you could rent a kayak, and $2 for a bus ride to Boca Chica where we put the kayaks in. A couple guides guided us around the bay and through the mangroves between Boca Chica and Stock Island. It was a tiring couple of hours, but still a lot of fun.

 Sometime this week we should rotate into full hook-ups, these past two weeks have been dry camping. That is without having the advantage of electricity and plumbing provided by the rv park, but then our rv like most rv's are set up fully self contained. We have holding tanks for fresh water, grey water, (shower and sinks) and black water, (toilet). We have an inverter that converts our 12 volt batteries into 110 electricity, and a generator that provides electricity to charge the batteries. We do have to dump the tanks and replenish the fresh water and watch our batteries so when we do rotate into full hook-ups it will be nice to be plugged in.

 Ron and Linda Fleeger arrived here in KW a couple days ago, and there was a spot right next to us open so they took it. It is always good to meet up with class of 2007 mates, but it is extra good when they are parked next to us in Key West FL where the weather is almost perfect..............

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