Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Found the Seventies at last

 Almost six years ago while driving from Lexington KY to our home in Middlesboro KY we made the decision to sell everything, buy an RV, and Chase the Seventies. The decision was made to keep me from going crazy when the temps dropped into the 60's and below because I stayed inside where it was warm so I was spending a lot of time inside the house from November through May.

 We picked a date less than six months away as a goal to start our new life style, and before the date had rolled around we had sold almost everything or had given it away, we had bought a 37" class A motor home, and had moved the mattress out of the house into the RV. Our adventure of " chasing the 70's" had started.

 We spent time in all of the lower 48 states, done the big event in Quartzsite, and spent the winters in the Southwest, Florida, and South Texas. We found out the the 70's are a lot harder to find than we thought they could be. We found the desert of the Southwest to be too cold after the sun set, sometimes there could be a 40 degree swing in the high and low and that didn't help my bones any.

 After freezing our butts off last year in AZ and CA we decided to return to Key West FL for the winter. This winter KW has the perfect weather for me, (so far), The 10 forecast shows the highs to be in the upper seventies, and the lows to be in the lower seventies, with only a slight chance of rain. So for now we have found those allusive seventies......and will be spending several weeks here on the island of Key West.......................

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  1. Duh... I get it now! Here I thought you were looking for disco balls and polyester leisure suits from the "1970s".


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