Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A week in Mission Texas

It is hard to believe it has already been a week since we arrived here in Mission Tx. We have enjoyed our time here with Jay and Fay, we met Andy and Brenda, a couple Jay and Fay volunteered with last year.

The Carters' have been showing us around the area, they feed us all the other night with a hamburger cookout. We were glad J&L (John and Lora) came to be with us all. It was a nice evening except I had to leave early to watch Kentucky play round ball.

Tomorrow is check out for us, but it is raining, and I'm not interested in driving in the rain so I'm thinking we might just stick around here at Bit-O-Heaven for another week, or month. We were thinking about hitting some other parks in the RGV but since this park is located close to anything we may just stick around.

Sunday we went to South Padre Island to look around, and we would drive the rig over and spend a few days, except something about the red tide has the beach full of dead fish. The smell when we hit the county park on South Padre Island was terrible. I was shocked to see adults playing on the beach and in the water with all the dead fish lying around. It was even worse to see they were allowing their kids to play there.

Bit-O-Heaven is a lot larger than I like a park, but it does have a lot to offer, and we take full advantage of the hot tub almost every night. Marcia has plenty of places to play bingo, (and I can stay home) so except for the rain and cold spell the RGV isn't a bad place to spend the winter. I really don't think it is better than FL, or cheaper than FL, but Mexico is only a few miles away.

I'll let everyone know what we decide on as for where we will be the next few weeks.....


  1. I'm sorry that your South Padre Island experience wasn't so pleasant. We are very proud of our Island here in the RGV, and the Island residents are some of the best. We, too, are unhappy with the effect red tide has had, and it's been a few years since we've last seen it. However, we hope it doesn't damper your visit, and with the cool weather, it soon shall pass. A few things to check out while in the Laguna Madre area: The large beautifully sculptured sandcastle in the SPI visitors center, Beachcomber's Museum on SPI that has a local historic flair, the Port Isabel lighthouse (only lighthouse along Texas coast open to the public), the Museums of Port Isabel, the antique shops, Sea Turtle, Inc, etc. Go to sopadre.com for more information on SPI.

    I hope the remainder of your RGV stay is an enjoyable experience.

  2. Thank you Melissa for the welcome and the comments, we will be spending several weeks in the RGV and will return to SPI, hopefully the fish will all be swimming.

  3. Just a heads up!! Stay out of the Benson Palm RV resort in Mission TX! The manager and fellow employees are very racist!! We found out the hard way by driving 1800 miles with reservations...RVers need to know the real deal!!


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