Sunday, February 7, 2010


Today was the 10th day that we have had the new to us motorhome. We are finding places to put things, and learning more and more about the Kountry Star. Today I even found a remote control that opens and closes the awning. Now how cool or unnecessary is a remote control that operates the awning?

We are waiting here at Sumter Oaks until time to fly back to Kentucky to get new DL's and Tags for the Kountry star, my doctor appointment, and most of all to see family. Living full time in a motor home and trying to avoid cold weather does take a toll on seeing family.

Friends and family are something we are really blessed to have. We have our biological family and our Escapee friends and family, and no matter where we are some of them are close by.

The Santara is still in the shop at Lazy Days, I'm really glad the insurance company is paying the bill, and I really hope we don't have any trouble getting our "expense" money when it is all finished. This is the 7th of Feb, and we put it in the shop on the 19th of Jan. The motels were over $100 a night, but I guess the insurance company will get a break because we bought the Kountry Star and have been in it for the past 10 days.

Tomorrow is Monday, the day the Webster Flea Market is open, so we will have to go see what new things might be there this year. Webster flea market is the largest flea market I've seen, and they have a big selection of new and used stuff to look at. All we can do is look because we are going to have to adhere to the full timers rule, something in = something out. If we buy anything we will have to get rid of something so we will have a place to put it.

The next couple days we will be getting things ready for the trip north. with the cold weather we have had here in FL we won't have to dig too deep to get out the winter clothes that we will need in KY. So this will be the last blog post until we get back, unless I find time while in KY to give an update.....

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