Thursday, February 25, 2010

Winter Blues

Marcia and I decided to sell our house back in 2007, we would buy a motorhome and travel around "CHASING THE 70"s". In the almost three years we have been doing this we have found the 70's to be a very hard temperature to find. We really don't mind if it is above the 70 mark, but when it drops below the 70 mark I feel it in my bones.

Back in December of 09 we found ourselves near Brownsville TX freezing. We were there almost a month and had rain about 3/4 of the time. There were a few good days, but it was like the temperature was on a roller coaster, up and down, with more down than up. We chose to leave our friends in south TX in hopes we would find warmer weather in the Sunshine State.

Jan of 2010 was a very cold month, we went as far south as we could go in the USA, Key West FL. Now you know things are bad when you see people in Key West FL bundled up in coats. We saw the tropical fish in the area dieing because the water was so cold, we saw tomato plants that has been killed buy the cold temperatures. Fl saw record cold spells that lasted for days. Not so much the coldest temperatures, but being cold for several days.

Now here is is the last few days of Feb and we are looking at the temperatures dropping into the freezing mark in much of the sunshine state. Not only in Fl, but all over the USA.
This picture shows it all.

All we can do is turn up the heaters and wait for warmer weather to come. We have almost seceded in getting all the paperwork finished on the Newmar and should have the tags by Saturday. Today I have a dental appointment, and if all goes well we shouldn't have to be around Tampa for several weeks until my next dental appointment, so the Santara might be the only draw back. If we can arrange things with the insurance company and Lazy Days we may just head back down to Key West and wait for the 80's to show up in GA before we start our journey out of FL.

Oh well I guess living in a house on wheels can't guarantee you will always see the sunny side of life....but it sure beats being stuck all winter long......

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