Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sumter Oaks

We have been here almost two weeks now, counting the few days we had to fly to KY for doctors appointments and to TN to see the kids. Last year we spent four months here and enjoyed it most of the time. With Marcia working as a host we were "tied" down and couldn't drop deeper south when the cold fronts were coming, and this year we are waiting on the Santara and the paperwork on the Newmar.

With Marcia not working this year it is different being here. She doesn't have to put in her time, and we can leave if we choose to. We have been enjoying the friends we have here. Walt and Donna are parked next to us and we have been having a good time, and then there is always po-ke-no and bingo, so we have kept entertained.

Today we had a guy named Valentine and his partner wash our rigs. Since they are so close together he almost had to do both of them at the same time or one would have gotten soaked while they did the other one. They used what they called a three step wash, they washed it with soap and then with a wax solution in the water. They both turned out pretty good for what they charged us, but I am wanting to try the "Wash-N-Guard" stuff on our new rig.

Today it got into the 70's which makes me really happy, and I may even put my shorts on tomorrow. I'm kind of envious of the folks out west because they have had the 70's for a few days now, but we don't get the extreme drops in temperatures here in FL like they do out west, so I guess it is all a trade off.

We plan on hanging around here in FL until May, I would rather suffer through a few hot days than get caught in some of those late spring cold fronts that almost always slip down into GA. Once we get things ironed out with the Santara we plan on driving south so we can see more of southern FL.

I have to apologize for not using my camera and sharing some pictures and I will try to start doing better. I know a blog is a lot better if you have pictures to show. So until the next time, ENJOY and BE SAFE..........

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