Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trip to Kentucky

Wednesday morning Walt and Donna picked us up at 5 AM, (I had forgotten there was 2 5 O'clocks in the same day) and drove us to the St Pete airport. THANKS WALT and DONNA! It was cold that early in the morning, but I really didn't realize how cold we would get over the next few days. We boarded our plane with no delays and soon we were in the air headed to see two of our there kids, and our only grand daughter.

As we flew over part of TN we saw that dreaded white stuff, yea SN**. I just can't seem to type the whole word out. The pilot's voice came over the intercom saying it was 23 degrees at the Knoxville airport, and I started thinking, WHY. Why did I get a doctors appointment in the middle of Feb? But I did and we had several errands to take care of while we were there, and we would get to see most of our family so being a little cold would be worth it.

The plane touched down and taxied to the terminal where we departed the plane into the COLD. Excited about seeing our kids we hurried through the airport to see them. Once we walked back outside at the drop off area we looked both ways looking for ride. No Corey, or Jenelle in sight, so Marcia calls to find out where they were. All I got was something about a dog and they would be there in about 10 minuets.

We stood in the COLD, (23 degrees) while we smoked a couple cigs catching up on the nicotine we had missed since Walt and Donna had dropped us off back in St Pete where I THOUGHT it was cold. We had to step back inside the airport where there was warmth while we waited for Corey's Taxi Service.

Oh how good it was to see them when they rolled up.

After hugs and explanations, we were off to change our domicile from South Dakota to Tennessee. Strawberry Plains road was the closest DMV so that is where Corey took us. We walked in hoping we had everything we needed, but the stern lady at the counter wasn't going to help us very much at all. She said we needed this, this, that, and that, and if we didn't have it exactly too bad.

We only had one piece of mail with our names and Jenelle's address and we needed two. Jenelle could sign a statement for us stating we "reside" at her house, but she would need her birth certificate, and Marcia would need our Marriage License. After running here and there I wound up with a TN DL, but Marcia would have to wait. With that out of the way it was off to register the new to us motorhome.

The kids dropped us off at the old courthouse on Main street and we walked through the metal detectors, through the halls into the County Clerks Office. A young man walked up to the counter and ask how he could help us. When we told him his lack of experience stood out as he grabbed a large book and started flipping through the pages to read what he should have known.

We had no worries because Jenelle had already been to the County Clerks Office in Halls and ask what all we needed to transfer the title over. To our disbelief, the young man started asking for a lot of things the guy Jenelle had talked to had neglected to mention. A customs page? What is that we ask, where could we get one? Our answer was "call Nashville, here is the number". After deliberating with every clerk there, and being told to call Nashville to get the answers to every question we walked out.

Corey had taken Jenelle to get her car and she drove up as we were walking out so we jumped in her car and headed for the County Clerks Office in Halls to see the man that Jenelle had talked to. I wanted to look into his eyes when I explained that we had just flown in from FL to register the MH and couldn't because he had given Jenelle the wrong information. Marcia called Corey and ask him to meet us there.

The guy Jenelle had talked to was no where to be found when we entered the office. The ladies we talked to was very good at explaining the need to call Nashville. I heard, " I don't know why that is there, or what that is, or where you find that, but you need to call Nashville" many times. So I said lets call Nashville! I dialed the number and after a recording prompted me to push 1,2, or 3, for this that and the other thing, someone answered the phone. I explained the situation to the voice on the other end and was shocked when she said Mr Jones, I am the lady you talked to at the old courthouse, and you need to get that customs page.

I was just about to blow my top when I decided it would be best if we just walked out. I figured talking to them was a waste of time, and that I could do some research online to find out where we could get a customs paper when we got back to Jenelle's house. So we all went to Nellie's and had a good visit.

The next morning Marcia and I had planned on taking Jenelle's Saturn to KY for Scott. Jenelle had left for work early and Marcia and I took off around 9 AM. We got about three miles from Nellie's when the Saturn quit running. I was able to coast off the narrow road into a driveway before it completely died. We guessed we were about half way between Nellie's and the nearest store, so we called Corey to come and pick us up.

Corey lives about an hour from Nellie, and he had to get him and Miss Jaelynn dressed before he started the journey. SN** is flying, it is in the twenties, and we are stranded miles from anything, and the Saturn was dead. I thought we were going to freeze before Corey got to us, and I was about to start knocking on doors to find a warm place to wait. Walking on that narrow road with the cars flying by was not an option.

To my delight Corey arrived in about an hour. I was soooo glad to see him pull into that driveway. I wasn't as cold now, or the need to get things done warmed me up enough that I didn't think about being cold. Inside Corey's truck was nice and warm, so the trip to Wal-Mart to get a tow strap was delightful, and soon we had the Saturn sitting in front of Jenelle's house.

The second trip to the County Clerks Office in Halls turned out to be an extension of the first. These people know nothing except "CALL NASHVILLE". After the lady had proved again that she knew nothing about her job, and that her answer for everything was "CALL NASHVILLE" we walked out with a messed up title on the Tracker. We were 0-2 n registering our vehicles, but I wasn't going to let that stop us from enjoying our visit with family.

The remainder of the trip was good except for the COLD and SN**. and I was really happy when Walt and Donna were sitting at the airport in St Pete waiting on us to get off the plane. There is no place like home, even if the home has wheels.......

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  1. Glad to see a new photo in your's very pretty. So sorry you had such a rough time with the vehicle is so frustrating I'm sure.


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