Saturday, May 8, 2010

I-75 exit 127 Twin Oaks RV Park

If you happen to be traveling up or down I-75 in southern GA watch for exit 127. If you take exit 127 and go east about 1/10 of a mile you will see Twin Oaks RV Resort on the north side of the road.

If you turn in you see the office on the left and the stop sign on the right. We found out yesterday it is always a good ideal to park your rig in a position that it isn't blocking anything.
(a guy yesterday pulled in and parked, he went in to register, and when he tried to move his rig to his assigned site it wouldn't start, 24 hours later the rig was pulled into a site)

The park has every thing you would want in an RV park/resort. There are two club houses, one being the community center where there is a TV, tables, microwave, coffee pot. You can gather there for cards, games, snacks, happy hours, or what ever you choose.

They offer shady sites for those who like being parked in the trees.

And then there are the open sites where you don't worry about the bad effects from the trees. We have a good AC so trees are low on my want list.

The park has a nice sized swimming pool to enjoy on the warmer days.

There is a VERY NICE gazabo that also houses the hot tub. Who dosen't enjoy soaking in a hot tub after spending time traveling?

I really enjoy the hot tub, the warm water helps sooth my aching bones.

The park also offers two pet areas where you can let the pets run free. I just can't get Marcia to let me take Leo for a walk.

The playground area has a volleyball net set up, along with horse shoe pits, and another game I am not familiar with.

There are also two bath houses for camper to use, although we have grown fond of using our own facilities in the Kountry Star.

Now another good part is the cost is $18 a night with Passport America, Camp Club, and maybe other discount clubs. Another thing I was impressed with was the book says $36, or $18 with the discount, and that is what we paid. There was no + for this and + for that that run the bill up.

The people running the place has been very friendly the two times we have stayed here, and from here it is an easy drive to your next stop, as long as your next stop isn't too far away...............

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