Saturday, May 8, 2010

On the MOVE

As everyone knows we have 2 rigs because our insurance company was too eager to repair the Santara. They wrote Lazy Days a check for around $19,000, and will be writing me one to cover our expenses while the Santara was in the shop for two months.
We had decided to store the Santara in Bushnell for the summer in hopes that my dad will come down this winter and stay in it.

Our etch-a-sketch got shook up a bit and we took the Santara to Flagship RV in Bushnell where they sell it for us on consignment. They will keep it on their lot for up to 90 days. If it sells I guess it was meant to be, and if not I will have avoided paying storage for the 90 days.

After we finished the paperwork on the consignment deal we returned to Sumter Oaks to hook up the tracker to the KS and head north. We said our good-byes to all the remaining people at Sumter Oaks and started out.

Our first stop was in Ocala where we met Paul Anderson for lunch. Connie couldn't be there because she has a JOB. We are sorry we missed her, but we did enjoy spending some time with Paul, and we figure we will be seeing him again on the road somewhere this summer.

Our next stop was in Gainsville Fl where we met Sober Joe to buy a a sleep number bed for the KS. The mattress we have now isn't much, so we will be trying the sleep number as soon as we can get rid of the mattress we have now. (I won't just drop it on the side of the road). After stuffing the sleep number bed into the tracker we paid Joe and hit the road again.

We got the KS out of FL for the first time since we bought her back in Feb when we crossed into Ga on I-75. We drove exit 127 where we stopped for the night at Twin Oaks RV Park. As the name says "RV Park", it is MUCH nicer than a lot of the "RV RESORTS" we stayed at in FL, and for a whole lot less $$.

Our plan was to spend the evening enjoying the pool and hot tub, and then leaving Saturday AM, but the etch-a-sketch got shook up last night and we will be staying here another night. The weather looks better tomorrow for traveling than it does today, and I want to take some pictures of this park to show everyone what a nice place they have been missing out on every time they pass through southern GA on I-75.

Keep a close watch for the blog about Twin Oaks RV Park.............

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