Monday, May 10, 2010


We left Raccoon Valley RV Park today and drove the 65 miles to Middlesboro KY to visit family. It was GREAT seeing family again, and it really makes you realize how much you do miss them.

A thread on the Escapees Forum asks about the changes made to Raccoon Valley. To try and answer some questions I will show some pictures I took today.

Here is the sign that greets you as you drive up to the park from I-75.

From the bottom of the park, or the south side on the "old side" looking towards the newly renovated side.

I think these site will be ERPU sites. The four closest to where the "old double wide" used to be.

From up on the hill looking down oon the new side.

This is what the newly renovated clubhouse looks like now.

Inside the clubhouse.

another inside the clubhouse.

And this is the sign as you see it when you depart the park.

Once we arrived in Middlesboro our son came to see us. I had to take this picture of our new Coach Driver. Maybe she will take over the driving full time for us.

Everyone was doing well, we had a good visit, but tomorrow we leave headed to Renfro Valley so we will be close to Lexington for my doctors appointments this week. We will be headed back to Raccoon Valley on Thursday.........


  1. Hey Joe and Marcia....enjoy your family visit time and hope the Dr appointments go well.

  2. I can't believe you have been in and out of Middlesboro. So are you coming back this way after the appts in Lexington?


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