Monday, May 31, 2010

Lunar Rainbow, or Moonbow

We drove the rig to Cumberland Falls State Resort Park between I-75 and US 27 just west of Corbin Kentucky. If you have a rig over 25 feet I wouldn't try the CFSRP, I would drive a couple miles more to the west and park at Eagle Falls Resort. The sites are much better.
Although the people at the state park was very helpful and suggested we park the rig across the site. Which we did, but I was concerned about dumping the air tanks, so I dropped the jacks first to keep us from hitting the "site" with the middle of the rig.

All worked out for us and we didn't bottom out, but I did have to listen to the buzzer while the air tanks filled up. As you can see in the next picture none of the sites are for large rigs, even the pop-up campers had trouble getting level.

We drove the jeep down to the falls. We arrived way too early to see the moonbow, but we did hang around long enough to see a portion of the moonbow. I was too tired to hang around for the best of the show, besides we were going back the next night with our son,daughter-in-law, and grand daughter.

Here is the water falls that with the help of a full moon creates the moonbow, or lunar rainbow.

Another shot of the falls.

At the bottom of the falls we found a very nice beach area, if it wasn't such a long walk it could be a good place for an afternoon of fun.

It is almost impossible, if not impossible to get a good shot of the moonbow with most cameras so I borrowed this shot off the internet. The camera gurus where talking about 4, 11, 9 exposure shots, and something about 2-8 minuets. I figure I saw it, and I could borrow a picture off the net to show you.

If you do plan on seeing the moonbow plan on a late night. we left at 11:30 the first night and should have stayed until 1-2 AM. The second night we waited until 10:30 to go down to the falls, and should have waited until midnight.

It was interesting, and we will do it again someday......


  1. That is way cool!! Beautiful waterfall too! Have fun and safe travels!

  2. That moonbow is neat.
    Hot here, Joe would like it. But fat boys like me thinks it time to head to mountains.
    Come see us in N.M.


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