Sunday, August 14, 2011

Chillin in the Black Hills NF

 Yesterday we made a trip to check out Keyhole Lake State Park, I didn't like the sound of residents paying $10 a night and non residents paying $17 but I thought $17 a night wouldn't be bad for a full hook up site around here. We I was shocked to find out they charge $17 a night for NO HOOK-up, and from the list of rules we read we didn't even drive to the cg to check it out.

 Since we were almost to Gillette we though it would be good to check out where we are headed next week. We found a Smith's, which is the same as Kroger's back in KY so we had to stock up on Diet BigK. We also hooked up with some friends and did a Chinese Buffet. Oh yea they had crab legs, although they weren't the best they were pretty good for the $9.95 they charge for the buffet.

 Today we spent cleaning on the rig, I climbed up on the roof to clean the front cap above the windshield. I had plans to wax the entire roof, but after doing the front cap I decided someone else would have to wax the rest of the roof.

 Everyone in the CG left today, except us, the camp host, and a doctor staying in a tent, that is working at one of the local hospitals. So when the host left for a trash run and dinner we were here all alone. Kind of nice being a lone in a CG.

 We plan on checking out another cg in Gillette for the week before going into the escapade, but until then we will chill out here in the Black Hills National Forest outside of Sundance WY...............

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