Monday, August 8, 2011

Where to next?

 Our two weeks are almost up here at Ellsworth AFB, so we have to decide where to next. We know we will be at the Escapade in Gillette WY on the 25th, but that leaves us from the 9th to the 25th to cover about 150 miles.

 Devils Tower is on our to do list and it is between Rapid City and Gillette, but with bike week going on in Sturgis I'm not sure we will be able to park the rig at the CG at Devils Tower. I guess we will find out tomorrow after we leave here.

 The Black Hills area has a lot to offer as far as things to see and do, and we have done about everything we wanted to do or see. Like a lot of places that have big events the prices are jacked up in this area around the first of Aug because of Sturgis Bike Week. Some RV sites more than double for that two week period, one CG we checked on in Sturgis goes from $50 a night, (which is way too much for an RV site) to $110 a night but you have to do 5 nights. I call that price gouging and try my best to not spend any $$ at places that do that.

 We are excited about Escapade this year, our friends and class mates Bob and Molly are the Escapade Directors this year, and we have been recruited to help out with a few social hours and bingo a couple nights. I'm sure we will find plenty to do or see in the next couple of weeks while we gear up for the Escapade so check back to see what we come up with.............

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