Friday, August 19, 2011

Laughter is pretty good medicine.

 Our time at Reuters CG in the Black Hills National Forest is over, we really enjoyed the quiet, and the NF. We did several drives through the forest on the forest roads in the jeep. I was a bit surprised to see the forest service rents, or leases out parts for ranchers to let their cattle graze on.

 Today we drove the 60+ miles to Gillette, we are parked at High Plains CG across the street from the Cam-Plex where the escapade will be. Several friends are also here in the park as is several friends are across the street in the "advanced party" of the escapade staff.

 We spent several hours catching up with friends at the CG, and then five couples went out for Mexican food, and drinks. Bob and Molly, Wanda and Wallace, Rich and Mary, Keith and Donna, and us enjoyed a pretty good meal, and Margaritas second only to the ones made by the infamous "MARGARATOR".

 Donna had some trouble climbing into the back of the jeep, and butts seemed to the the main focus of the cameras. At some point while climbing into the jeep your rear end sticks out and someone, (no names) or someone(S) was really happy with the cameras. I,m sure the pictures will turn up somewhere sometime, but not by me. ( I value my life).

 We did a lot of laughing all night, one lady that was sitting at a table near ours with her family wanted to know where we were from. When we told her, GA, KY, Va, IL, and TX, she was a bit confused, but told us it was good to see people having so much fun.

 The fun and laughter continued at the cam-plex where we gathered after dinner. Some of the "advanced Staff" came out to protect Bob and Molly's rig when we showed up before Bob, Molly, Wallace, and Wanda, but we just included them in our happy evening.

 If tonight has any indication as to what will be going on for the next two weeks, we are all in for a great rally, and if you aren't here, you will miss out........................

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