Thursday, August 11, 2011

Devils Tower

 We left Ellsworth AFB Tuesday, our two weeks were up and we ( I ) was ready to roll the wheels. We drove the 130 + or - miles to Devils Tower NM. It was a decent drive, although we did have some rain. Everyone knows I don't like to drive in the rain, mainly because it makes a mess of the RV and the Jeep, but after going through the road construction a few weeks ago it wasn't a big issue. (2 miles on a temp dirt road changed the color of the jeep and RV)

 The CG at Devils Tower was OK, it was dry camping, but it was a long way from anywhere. Hulet was the nearest town ten mile away, but there wasn't much there as far as stores. They did have the Hulet Han and Jam for the bikers yesterday.

Tuesday afternoon we checked out Hulet, before all the bikers arrived on Wednesday. A couple bars, a gas station, a lumber yard, and a few mom and pop stores downtown. It was one of those "drive through" towns, you just needed to drive through it to see it. On the way back to the rig we took a detour through part of the Black Hills National Forest. We were impressed with the number of deer we saw, and we found a CG near Sundance that we liked.

 We started to leave Devils Tower to explore the area but when we got to the gate there was a line of motorcycles and cars about 1/2 mile long waiting to pay the entrance fee. We quickly decided to park the jeep and walk to the PO to avoid the line.

 We left Devils Tower this AM,( almost 3000 bikes visited Devils Tower Wednesday) dove the 25 or so miles to the CG in the Black Hills NF. At $5.50 a night with the pass it is a pretty good deal even though there are no hook-ups. We will hang out here through the weekend at least while we explore some of the area, and next week the bike rally will be history and the prices of things will drop back to reasonable.

 I could tell more about things, but you need to check them out and I need to explore some more....

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  1. Hi Joe and Marsha,

    Glad we got to meet you while we were all at Ellsworth - pretty cool meeting up w/folks who blog. We are back here at EAFB, waiting on a/c #3. They diagnosed the original as bad; a/c #2 came in but not compatible; a/c #3 on its way from Newmar - our two week stay here will be almost a month - we're anxious to hit the road again! Keep in touch and enjoy the Escapade!



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