Sunday, August 21, 2011

recap with pictures and racetrack

This will be few words (I hope) but some of the pictures from the past couple of weeks.

Here is the sign as you enter Deadwood, Deadwood has all non smoking casinos. SD is a non smoking state.

A rat bike that showed up at Sturgis.
  Sturgis the week before the rally

Sturgis a few days before the rally

Sturgis during the rally

Every small town and large town was full of bikes this week. A lot of the parking lots had motorcycles only signs posted, and they were full.

This was a special bike, a tribute to the soldiers, it had two m-16s with helments and boots on the back displayed to reppresent soldiers graves. enlarge the pic for a better look.

Here are some of the deer we saw while we were at Ellsworth Air Force Base.

A look at Sturgis from Sturgis Campground. ($550 for 5 nights)

A look as we enter into Wyoming

A good shot of Devils Tower with the flag fllying at half-mast.

The rig with devils tower in the background, (as if you couldn't tell)
There were around 3000 visitors to Devils Tower on Wyoming Wednesday during the rally.

Sundance Mtn from the Black Hills National Forest in WY
The town of Sundance got it's name from the indian rituals held on this mtn.

Us parked at Reuters CG in the BHNF

A night out with friends at a Mexican Joint, Marcia and Wanda shared a picture of Margaritas.
It was a fun night, Wanda and Wallace, Marcia and myself, Bob and Molly, Keith and Donna and Rich and Marry all went.

Last nigh was my first ever trip to a dirt track races. It was pretty awesome. THe unlimitted modified class flew around the small track. Donna was afraid one might get loose and fly into the stands.

It was fun watching them slide around the oval track.

Now I have been to a dirt track races, a Daytona race, and drag races. I missed the boat races in KW, but I'm not into racing, life is way too short to go so fast........

I hope you enjoy the pictures......

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